Support open dialogue.


Support better civics education.


Support democracy.

Your contributions will go directly to efforts:

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For immediate impact:

Discussions and live & online working groups, on today’s most pressing problems. We will then share key policy ideas with decision-makers and the general public. Our goal is to develop the foundations of a broad movement.

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For long-term impact:

Education programs for high schools, colleges/universities, and the general public.


All donors will receive:

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Progress updates

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Access to any and all materials RDI produces


At certain tiers of donation, donors will receive:

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$25 +

Letter from Chairman Garry Kasparov

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$75 +

Fight for Liberty book 

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$150 +

Signed Fight for Liberty book

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$250 +

Signed Fight for Liberty book and participation on a quarterly call with a member of RDI’s Board of Directors