Join the Discussion

 Sample Event
Paid leave
People in the room
  • A CEO of a company with generous paid leave
  • An entrepreneur who can’t afford paid leave
  • Someone who needs paid leave
  • Someone who’s been involved in past policies on paid leave

We give major issues that impact hundreds of millions of Americans the thought, space, and conversation they deserve.

And unlike many panel discussions, we bring together as many voices as possible. We’ll include teachers for issues that impact teachers, business owners for issues that impact businesses. We give people who experience the change into the room with influencers and decision-makers.

One conversation at a time, we:

1. Take one issue.
For example:
• Free trade
• Paid leave
• Buying a car
2. See what changes could be coming.

What’s the problem? What solutions are people proposing?

3. See who it affects.

Bring together different people around the country who would be impacted by that policy.

Listen to their concerns and hopes.

4. Talk. Ask questions.

Everyone asks each other questions to understand the nuances of each perspective.

5. Share.